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    Photography Series
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    Fresh Air Ionizer for car use
NO: Ozone Air Purifier Disinfectant Deodorizer
The Ozone Disinfectant Deodorizer is designed to kill odors and bacteria in small spaces (106 sq ft) such as toilet, shoes closet, pet areas, garbage room and more where are usually filled with odor, mold, bacteria. Even in a house, the smoke of cigarette or the smell of cooking can be removed by this unit. It is helpful to improve a better environmental air in our surroundings.

• Model Name : P-201
• Power Supply : DC5V
• Power Consumption : 4 Watts
• Ozone Output : 50 mg/hr
• Weight : 280g
• Dimension : W140xD122xH37mm
• Coverage Area : 12m2 (106 sq ft)

• Save Money and the environment
• Quiet and no noisy
• Direct plug-in ozone air purifier
• Good for small spaces (106 sq ft)
• Easy to use 
• No filters to clean or replace
• Low power consumption