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    7 IN 1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    7 IN 1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    Industrial Series
    Temperature & Humidity Display
NO: 7 IN 1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
- Simultaneous CO, CO2, Formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, RH, °C readings
- 7 in 1 full function with an easy-to-read monitor
- 4 levels of PM2.5 concentration in LED indicators (green/yellow/red/purple)
- Preset warning point of buzzer alarm and visual alarm for CO, CO2, Formaldehyde, TVOC and PM2.5

AP-100/AP-1000 is an economical and accurate wall-mounted indoor air quality monitor. The unit is equipped with multiple sensors to simultaneously measure and display areas of common air pollutants. 
It is ideal for around the clock air quality monitoring in greenhouses, growth rooms, office environments, schools, hospital, hotels or other public buildings.

• CO Measurement Range : 0-500ppm
• CO2 Measurement Range : 0-5000ppm
• Formaldehyde Measurement Range : 0-5mg/m3
• TVOC Measurement Range : 0-9.99ppm
• PM2.5 Measurement Range : 0-999μg/m3
• Temperature Range : 0°C to 50°C display
• Humidity Range : 10%-99% RH
• Sensor Life Expectancy : 2 years
• Power Supply : 9-24VDC Adapter
• Power Consumption : 3 Watts Max
• Size : 468x181x50mm
• Weight : 2.5kg